El Bierzo lives in your memory.
The charm of small places still exists out of the usual touristic tracks. The mountains, colours, rivers, villages and the people make El Bierzo one of those places that remain in your memory. There is no doubt about that.El Bierzo is a region situated in the west of the province of León, in the Autonomous region of Castilla y León, bordering with Galicia.
When visiting the area you will see that in no time you can be in the Ancares Natural Park, at the Medulas, the roman gold exploitation that was declared World Heritage Site, in one of the most important Mozarab art samples as we can see in the Church of Santiago in Peñalba or walking along one of the most beautiful areas of part of St. James way.
In El Bierzo there is History everywhere; there are castles (Templar Castle in Ponferrada, Cornatel Castle, Villafranca del Bierzo Castle, Corrullón, Sarracín Castle, etc.), monasteries (Santa María de Carracedo, Compludo or San Pedro de Montes, San Andrés in Vega de Espinareda),
cave paintings in Sésamo and Librán, and of course many Roman forts such as Castro Bergidum and Castro de la Ventosa, places with great views of the vineyards that are part of El Bierzo.

El Bierzo is a region where everybody makes their own homemade wines, it is tradition. This is one of the reasons why it is so normal to find small plots of lands where over 70% of the vines are old plants.

This is basically because the wine was made for family consumption and there was no need for a large quantities, due to this the grapevines were not pulled up to increase production.
El Bierzo is located in the Sil valley, surrounded by mountains, and it has a mild microclimate nothing to do with the cold Meseta and the humid Atlantic climate;
it is an ideal area for cultivating grapes, specially the local varieties Mencía and Godello.
The vineyard landscape is a quite a sight. The rich and fertile land is situated on slopes at an altitude between 500 and 1000m and you can find clay and slate soil; all these qualities make possible a completely different Bierzo in each season. It is surprising that such a small region can change so much.
There is a lot to learn in El Bierzo, come and visit the region.