#weareauthentic, is a documentary webseries in which actual winemakers from El Bierzo wineries take viewers by the hand to show them El Bierzo and give an inside look at how wines are made, from the soil, the weather, the altitude at which these century-old vines grow to the area’s native varieties and even its history, all fundamental factors that influence how the wine tastes. It doesn’t matter if you are a wine critic, a sommelier, a gourmet or simply someone interested in
finding out more about the world of wine when you visit El Bierzo. From the moment you knock on the door of the Autóctona del Bierzo wineries you are considered just another member of the family. You might be attended by the best winemaker in the world and feel like you have known him your entire life. That is what it means to be Authentic. Everyone is welcome in Autóctona del Bierzo; a passion for wine is shared with a personal and friendly touch, organically and unfiltered.
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