After more than a century of work in vineyards, CASTRO VENTOSA WINERY has always been sure that what their wines have is a genetic issue. Several generations of the family have worked in CASTRO VENTOSA WINERY which is situated in Valtuille since 1752, each of them adding a change in the style although not in the personality. They have lived the different stages that have affected the viticulture in El Bierzo and have known how to retain the best of each era.

CASTRO VENTOSA WINERY has always defended the importance of villages cultivating their land and when Raúl finished his oenology studies he did not forget this way of working.

He found a bulk producing winery and decided to transform it into another style. They orientated their work in two different ways, one protecting and maintaining the inherited vineyards where they develop young wines, and the other defending the identity of each plot in the village where depending on the soil and orientation they produce more specific wines in less quantity but not less quality.

Nowadays CASTRO VENTOSA WINERY has increased from 10 thousand bottles to 300 thousand, most of them meant for exportation.