The concept of TENOIRA WINERY originates from the Chateau style. Guillermo and his father start the winery from scratch, making wine from a single 18 hectare plot called Paraje de la Padorniña.

In 1994 motivated by the idea that El Bierzo gathered unique natural qualities for cultivating vines, they bought an old vineyard that had been abandoned.
For six years this old vineyard was turned into a grazing area for cows so that stockbreeding, which had been their business all their life, could also be part of the project.

This way the Padorniña plot was turned into a land ready for new vines which were planted along trellis, making the most of the all the good those years of cow grazing did to the soil.

This way the family incorporated TENOIRA WINERY to the business and now they combine stockbreeding and agriculture, grazing and vines. Tenoira means continuity, extension of the work in the vineyards to the winery. This is how they produce fleshy and balanced wines; wine that reminds you of vines and in which the fruit flavour lingers.