This is a return journey: an emotional investment in el Bierzo.

Originally from Valtuille de Abajo, but settled down in Mexico, Estévez Bodegas y Viñedos starts this project when the family comes back to their homeland to take care of their legacy. A centenary legacy born with the first vineyards their great-grandfather Ramón bought with the money he earned in Brazil. An intellectual legacy similar to those libertarian articles Grandad Antonio wrote before migrating to Mexico after the Civil War. A family legacy similar to the feelings their father, Helios, has in Mexico when he writes poetry inspired in Valtuille. Or the feelings he has when he finally sees his hometown and, in the horizon, the moon lying on the chestnut trees. A beautiful image that illustrates the logo of the winery.

Helios and his four children, Helio, Carlos, Nandy and Laura, felt they were in debt with their own roots. And for that reason they took charge of the winery. “Estévez Bodegas y Viñedos is like coming back home. Being back. At the end of the day, we are from El Bierzo. We want our father to make a good review of the wine. We want our wine to last and be remembered. We want it to reflect the story of so many families who live between two lands… We’d love Valtuille to be proud of us and pass this pride from generation to generation”, says Laura Estévez, the youngest of the family and partner of the winery.

For Estévez Bodegas y Viñedos, being part of Autóctona is “a great opportunity because it allows us to share our project with the best companion”, she adds.

Versos de Valtuille is their first wine. A young and calm Mencía. Based on the story of their own family, but with the fruity and unmistakeable flavour of El Bierzo wines. This young Mencía was born in six hectares of centenary clay soil vineyards located at 500 metres above the sea level. This first harvest will be followed by 35,000 bottles aged in oak barrels. For this family form El Bierzo and Mexico, this first harvest means rooting to their origins.

Estévez Bodegas y Viñedos will sell their wine mainly in Spain, Asia and Mexico, where they already have a good distribution network. They will work for making the best wine, a wine that tells the important story of their family. Their commitment to work and determination and effort will be worth is their father, miles away from their lives, is proud of them and their neighbours feel they are part of this important project.

Versos de Valtuille is already the result of a challenge, a family dream and a debt with a wonderful land.

Bodegas y Viñedos